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Luke Combs Making First SNL Appearance

Luke Combs has added another check mark on his list of achievements. He will be the musical guest on February 1st while NFL superstar, JJ Watt, is the host.

Verdian Lee Fitz of the US Navy

Everyone on this show has personal connections to our nation’s military. Most of us have an immediate family member who served, or at least an uncle or a cousin.  One of us, Drew, even served himself. Today I would like to honor one of my own personal relatives who served. Today we salute Verdian Lee…

Fitz in the Morning Episode #183 Weds 01/22/20

We’ve all been staying up way too late! In What Are You Kidding Me we hear about an “Earth Sandwich”, the new TikTok Challenge eating cereal out of someone else’s mouth, Florida iguanas are falling out of trees, and a driver crashed while driving-while-reading-the-bible. Claire is Not Liam Neeson: she got an automated 911 emergency…

Amazon Warns About New Phone Scam

Amazon wants shoppers to know about the latest phone scam that’s cost thousands of customers. The scammers are now calling to say that there has been “fraudulent activity” found on a person’s Amazon account.