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REVIEW – Say Hello to “The Farewell”, 2019’s Best Family Celebration

[Note: This film presented initially during the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival] Every family is a little different, so many will tell say time and again. In size, shape, strength, race, a multitude of criteria. But of course, the ways we differ can’t stack well against those we’re similarly unified by. The best families will have to lie to protect …

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Blanco Brown at 98.9 The Bull [PHOTOS]

We’ve had some great in-studio performances when artists drop by but Blanco Brown pushed the bar up another level with his visit! Moolah got in on The Git Up dance and Fitz raised his horns in a bright pink cowboy hat. See more for the visit by Blanco in out 98.9 The Bull photo gallery!

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REVIEW – “Crawl” Paddles, Strokes, Swims Through Uniquely Original, Starkly Classic Summer Horror

The summer movie season usually isn’t complete without at least one horror plot involving dangerous animals (ala Jaws or last summer’s The MEG), dangerous weather (The Perfect Storm), a dangerous building structure of any size (Skyscraper), or a welcome combination of the three. Alexandre Aja’s Crawl is sure to fulfill all three on anyone’s summer flick bingo card, knowing those …

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