2020 Just Got Worse: Carole Baskin Will Be On This Season Of Dancing With The Stars

Source: Netflix

When quarantine began back in March, Netflix released on of it’s most hit shows which had the entire nation saying “Carole Freaking Baskin” or “Hey all you cool cats and kittens”, making Carole Baskin on of the most known names out there. Now after her new found fame, Carole Baskin is hitting the living room screens again. Carole will be competing against Nev from Catfish, rapper Nelly, and Kaitlyn from The Bachelorette in the hit ABC show “Dancing with the Stars”. Any predictions on when Carole Basking will be eliminated? Episode 1? Or is she secretly an incredible dancer and will take the win? Not sure which will be more exciting. The first episode airs on Sept. 14th, which just may be one of the most watched season of Dancing with the Stars with the combination of everyone being home and the obvious major star of this season.


Watch the announcement of this seasons cast here: