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44% Of People Get Revenge On Coworkers

If you’ve been at work and notice you may have been left out of important emails, or maybe your tape or stapler has gone missing, well there’s a pretty good chance that it’s not an accident!

A new survey revealed that 44% of people have gotten revenge on a coworker for something they did.

I, myself, am guilty of this, one day I came back to my desk covered in caution tape. At the time, I was doing nights and was the only one in the building, that’s when I took revenge…..

I might be a little extreme, but here are the 10 most common ways people get revenge:

1. Made sure that person got worse tasks to do or fewer tasks to do.

2. Spread a bad rumor about them.

3. Quit their job in, quote, “an unconventional way.”

4. Hid that person’s things.

5. Got them FIRED.

6. Sabotaged their work.

7. Tampered with their computer.

8. Ate their lunch.

9. Used private info from their social media against them.

10. Deleted things from their computer.

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