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Sam Hunt Dedicating 2020 To Touring

If you want to see Sam Hunt next year, you’re going to have to catch him on the road.  After not much traveling this year, Hunt has proclaimed that he’s planning to be “back.” 

Fitz in the Morning Episode #125 Friday 10/11/19

Friday Means One Thing: The Bull Yah with DJ Tony Schwartz! What Are You Kidding Me?!: you’re favorite new toy is Boppy the Booty Shakin’ Llama; man change his name to “Nobody” to run for office; Scotland man bungee jumps while playing bagpipes. Ticket or Skip It: Drew Reviews: “Gemini Man” and “The Addams Family”.…

Adam Wheeler of the US Navy

The old advertisement for military service says “sign up and see the world”. This isn’t the leading recruitment slogan these days, but the offer definitely still stands. The sailor in this salute is serving his nation half way around the globe.  He is definitely seeing the world. Today we salute Petty Officer 3rd Class Adam…