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Seth’s Stupid News

A Staple’s employee stopped a woman she thought was smuggling stolen merchandise out of the store. Turns out… she was just pregnant with twins.  Whoops! Sherrel Bates was shopping in Pineville, North Carolina on Friday.  As she was paying, a police o …

John Rich Talks Watershed and Whiskey with Tim, Red, and Claire

Did you catch Big and Rich at Watershed? They tore it up! And they continued their tradition of inviting our Veterans onstage to sit at their Heroes Bar. But did you know the whiskey they serve at the Heroes Bar is John’s own whiskey? John spoke with Tim, Red and Claire about his Redneck Riviera American Blended Whiskey, the Veterans’ charity to which a big portion of the proceeds go, and about the Gorge!

Richard Gere: His “Gear” Works!

69 year old Pretty Woman star Richard Gere just announced his 35 year old wife is pregnant! Let me repeat that… 69 year old Richard Gere is gonna be a new daddy.  Wow! This is the drama that’s playing out in my head: Little Richard:  Dad!  Can we pla …