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Smoke? See ya!!

After the worst day for air quality EVER in Puget Sound.  Three of the most famous words in Seattle “On Shore Flow” is helping to start push smoke out of the region. I’m just happy cause I can now see my hand in front of my face.  It helps that I’m A. …

Florida Georgia Line Songs, Ranked!

If you somehow haven’t heard already, Florida Georgia Line will be preforming at the Washington State Fair on Sept 2nd! That’s a little less than three weeks away, so it’s defiantly time to start getting ready for the show of your life. To help get you …

Justin Moore Talks to Tim, Red and Claire About Fatherhood, Fishing and Free Time

Are you heading to see Justin Moore at Emerald Queen Casino this Friday? If you’ve never seem him live, he puts on a great show! Plus, he’s a really swell guy. Justin spoke to Tim, Red and Claire about his music, his kids – he has four now! – and how he likes to spend his free time. (Hint: if you are a bass, swim away!)