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Facebook’s New Feature Turning Into A Dating Site?

Facebook is coming out with a new feature that will allow you to turn your current profile into a dating profile. The goal is to help you find other single people near you who you aren’t already friends with.

New Music Round Up 4/27/2018

Whats Up Bull Nation! We know that life gets busy. Whether it’s working to pay the bills, taking care of the kids, or just dealing with the curve-balls life throws at you it’s hard to keep up with which artists are putting out new music and when! WELL …

The Four Riskiest Places To Use Your Debit Card

There’s not many feelings worse than someone getting access to your debit card or debit card information. Some are more obvious but one of these places is something I really never even considered, especially because I have done the job before!

44% Of People Get Revenge On Coworkers

A new survey says that 44% of people have taken revenge against coworkers. Corey Dillon has had an experience like this, and we will say, his method wasn’t one of the most common ways to get revenge.