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A Very Special City vs Country

Do you ever wonder what happens to the couples who meet on City vs Country? Well, so do we! So when we heard back from a couple who were willing to come on and share what happened next, we were super excited wanting to know if we actually made a real match! Back on November 22, we met Kristi from Bothell who is an office assistant at a financial firm. She chose Country Boy Rick from Carnation who owns his own construction firm. He took her on a date that included hiking at Snoqualmie Falls and when we heard back from them after that weekend they sure hit it off, and it seemed like maybe there would most definitely be another date. We teased them about whether they would have Thanksgiving Dinner together, and they joked about it being too soon to meet families. But…were they together at Christmas? And New Year’s? Should we be planning our first ever City vs Country wedding?

Stop swiping, delete your Tinder, close your Bumble account, Fitz is your new matchmaker. Northwest singles call us to be set up. Fitz gives them the option of a City date, or a Country date. They can only pick one!

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