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"After a Few," Travis Denning can still catch a nine-pound bass out of Jake Owen's pond

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Travis Denning‘s in the middle of a hot streak right now, having just taken his second single, “After a Few,” all the way to the top of the country chart.

The Georgia native’s luck extends to the water as well, he recently discovered, as he traveled to the outskirts of Nashville to hang out with one of his pals.

Jake Owen lives out in Kingston Springs,” Travis explains, “and he’s got your full-on country superstar pond where it’s not big and it’s just full of big fish.”

“Prior [to when] we were out there, he’s like, ‘Yeah, the smallest thing you’ll catch in here is like three or four pounds,'” Travis continues. “He’s like, ‘But I put in three nine-pound bass in here, like the other day. So they’re in there.'”

“And guess who got one of those three nine-pound bass?” Travis smiles.

The “David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs” hitmaker admits he had a pretty big reaction.

“I screamed like a little girl, man,” Travis recalls. “Straight up! Like high-pitched screaming. I was shaking like crazy.”

“That was pretty cool,” he adds. “And I don’t give a damn it’s a pond that’s stocked. It’s like, you still gotta catch ’em. So I was pretty excited about that.”

Travis has just released his follow-up to his first number one. “Where That Beer’s Been” is the second single from his debut EP, Beer’s Better Cold.

By Stephen Hubbard
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