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All The Instagram Photos You Need In Seattle In One Place

Seattle Selfie Museum
Credit: Corey Dillon

Imagine a place, where you walk in, there are ring lights all around the floors, box lights hanging from the ceiling, and different backgrounds  for the perfect Instagram photo. It exists. The Seattle Selfie Museum is now open!

The Seattle Selfie Museum opened its doors on Saturday, Feburary 1st id downtown Seattle. It is located in Post Alley, on Union St. When you walk through the door, you immediately see a variety of different backgrounds, well lit, and fun, for that perfect photo!

The first floor, where you check in, consists of 10 different photo ops. A ball pit with telephones, donut wall, gumball machine wall, a bathroom, a coloring book, flower wall, spray painted brick, neon can’t control my selfie sign, sushi, and girls night out.

That’s not all! Then you can go up the outdoor stairs, which is littered with a number of different great shots you can capture.

To an entire second room with even more photo spots. This floor includes a bananas room, wash&fold, multiple wing walls, a red room, a mirrored room with glowing balls, a bathtub, boxing gloves and punching bag, and sideways bed and more!

If you do some research and discover the rooms they have to offer, you can even bring some of your own props to add to the picture! So if you are looking to spend a day, to capture some awesome photos, absolutely check this place out!