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Angelo Baluca of the US Navy

There are as many reasons to join the military as there are individuals serving in our military.
Today we salute Operations Specialist 2nd Class Angelo Baluca of the United States Navy who says he joined the Navy on a kind of a whim. The Kent native says “When I joined the Navy, it was completely random; it sounded like fun.” Angelo has turned that random action into a very interesting career in the Navy. He remains on active duty 7 years later working in the marketing and advertising department of the Navy recruiting office in the San Francisco region.
There are so many career fields in our service, that it’s hard to imagine a job that isn’t available to service people. Angelo says the Navy has been an incredible experience that has given him training, experience, structure, and lots of travel. Baluca works in the recruiting department for the Navy, and he is a kind of walking talking recruiting poster for the possibilities in the service. Today we salute Operations Specialist 2nd Class Angelo Baluca of the United States Navy.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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