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Another Completion for Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson and Ciara at kids Choice Awards

Russell Wilson has had an amazing year being considered for MVP, taking the Hawks to the playoffs and now he’s having another baby with his wife Ciara!  Just announced today on Russell Wilson’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with a very pregnant Ciara!

Don’t Believe us?! Here’s Russell Wilson’s Twitter confirming it!

Still not sure?? Here’s Ciara confirming Russell Wilsons Confirmation!!


This makes Baby Number 3 for Russell and Ciara which just happens to match Russell Wilsons Jersey Number which we can’t get over the connection made on his social media accounts!

This will be the couple’s second child together, but her third. She has a son, Future Jr, from her previous relationship with rapper Future. Russell Wilson became his stepfather when he and Ciara were married in England back in July of 2016.


Questions is just how long has Ciara been preggers?! Even tho it was just announced it’s easy to tell Ciara is pretty far along but how has she been hiding it?! We see her at the Hawks games with their kiddos and even at the Pro Bowl less than a week ago and we still couldn’t tell! The craziest part is Russell Wilson hasn’t let it slip either!

From the looks of the picture she could be due in a few months! So we’re taking a poll what do you think the gender is?!

There’s no news  yet on gender or names but of course we have our ear to the ground and we’ll let you know the news as we get it!


Claire’s hoping that they might just name the baby after Seahawks Wide Receiver DK Metcalf in some way or another. Honestly we would all love this!