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Austin Thompson of the US Army

I get a lot of salutes from parents and spouses, friends of the troops, and often even from other troops. But there’s something special about getting a salute from a sibling. Salutes from siblings are special because you just know that younger brother or sister really looks up to their proudly serving sibling. And if it’s an older brother or sister sending it in, then they have a different kind of pride in their “kid” brother or sister doing something really important. Today we salute Austin Thompson of the United States Army. Austin’s older brother Cody Thompson sent this salute in to me.  Austin has been in the Army for just over a year now and Cody says he’s like a different guy already. Cody is so very proud of his little brother Austin. He wants him to know that the whole family loves him and is proud of him. He also wants to say that the whole family loves all of our troops. Austin has made a huge commitment to himself and to the nation.  He’s serving in the Army so that his brother and his family can continue to enjoy their freedom. Earning the respect of his older brother? Well that’s just a bonus. Today we salute Austin Thompson of the United States Army.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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