Joe Hammerschmidt

Proud WA state native, knows his way too well around three things: the history behind the local radio dial, the understated combination of pizza and root beer, and an endearing enthusiasm for film. Being involved at The Bull, he hopes to build on all three of those, and also contribute to the further growth of Seattle's country music scene. Tomorrow, the world. The next day, Mars!

REVIEW – “Doctor Sleep”: Mind-Numbing King Sequel Fills its Own Tall Order

In a year that’s seen Stephen King’s best work from his 80s writing heyday soured somewhat by poor marksmanship, even if the direction was always with best intention, perhaps it’s a miracle the best was saved for last. The absolute best, like mind-blowing, mind-numbing best. Legitimate horror personified without needing to rely excessively on nostalgia or grotesque imagery to tell …

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REVIEW – “The Current War”: Perfectly Acted Battle for Electrical (and Ethical) Dominance Stalwart, But Slow

Look past the inherent fact that The Current War has been affixed to its figurative shelf for two years in the wake of Hollywood scandal, and there’s perhaps still a half-decent film to be discovered. A biopic chronicling the epic footrace during the 1880s and 90s, between giants of encapsulated energy Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and George Westinghouse? Compelling Oscar …

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FILM REVIEW – “Gemini Man”: Will Smith Fights Younger Self, Cinematic Infamy in Mildly Decent Anomaly

21 years ago, then-hotshot producer Jerry Bruckheimer, while still working under the wings of one archaic mouse, released perhaps his most iconic, and highest-grossing piece of work. The space epic Armageddon seemed to have change the preeminent story by which summer popcorn blockbusters will live and die. Perhaps in an alternate universe, his most recent film out this weekend would’ve …

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