Born and raised in Washington and I’m proud to call this place my home. I grew up dragging brush for my dad's tree service while listening to the radio. Those are some of my fondest memories as a kid. Being on a country radio station in Seattle is a chance to bring some of that joy to the greater Seattle area!

Bill Nye is Feelin Good As Hell

We had a small panic attack when we saw Bill Nye Was trending on twitter you could imagine why but we learned something new.When the 64 year old Scientist and TV personality Bill Nye The Science guy isn’t educating the world or advocating for human, world and animal rights he’s on the catwalk? Okay he’s not normally on the Cat …

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Walt Disney Studios just got rid of what?!

Walt Disney Studios had a frenzy when buying up properties in the last decade including Pixar,  Lucas Films (Star Wars), Marvel and 20th Century Fox. But with those spendy purchases Walt Disney Studios ended up winning big time! Pixar practically prints money, Marvel is one of the biggest block busters every summer and don’t get me started on Star Wars! …

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Another Completion for Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson and Ciara at kids Choice Awards

Russell Wilson has had an amazing year being considered for MVP, taking the Hawks to the playoffs and now he’s having another baby with his wife Ciara!  Just announced today on Russell Wilson’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with a very pregnant Ciara! Don’t Believe us?! Here’s Russell Wilson’s Twitter confirming it! Number 3. pic.twitter.com/5cMaYyQelo — Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) January 30, …

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Songs Gone Wrong #1 Rockin Toots

We surprised Ryder The Young’n with this special song to celebrate his two year anniversary. Because everyone should be able to toot in front of that special someone! It’s called Rockin Toots, a song performed by our very own Mother Cluckers!!! (Parody of Knockin Boots)   Wanna help us with the next Songs Gone Wrong? Write your song parody from …

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Saturday Morning Cartoons are back thanks to you!!! Fitz Happens At The Station!!! It’s The Animated Series! Watch your favorite moments with Fitz In The Morning Cartoons!

Fitz In The Morning is bringing back Saturday morning cartoons and its’ all thanks to you! Check out our Youtube Playlist and watch every episode of Fitz Happens At The Station! Make sure to tell a friend, family member or loved one! You can get your cartoon fill below with ‘Fitz Happens At The Station!’  

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