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Bill And Ted 3: Face The Music trailer is here!!!!

bill and ted 3
Bill and Ted 3: Face The Music coming this summer!

The new trailer for Bill and Ted 3: Face The Music has dropped on the most excellent of days!

It’s Bill and Ted Day where we try our best to be excellent to one another and jam our air guitars! Thankfully a new movie has been in the works since 2018 while trying to find a financial backer. Thankfully they not only found one but production began July 1st 2019 and now on this day of excellence a trailer has dropped!



Bill and Ted 3: Face The Music comes to us this summer with a new take on the duo! In a world where the perfect song was supposed to be written and bring everyone in the world together we find our heroes have  a bit of writers block and look to their future selves for the answers.

Catch the movie when it’s in a theater or Living room near you!

August 21st, 2020!


If I’m being honest I can not wait for this movie the pure nostalgia alone has me hyped up! But what do you think? Will this be worth the wait, will Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves pull of this excellent return? Are you tired of me using the word excellent? Let me know!!!