LOS ANGELES - SEP 9: Bill Nye at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Day 2 - Arrivals at the Microsoft Theater on September 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA

Bill Nye is Feelin Good As Hell

We had a small panic attack when we saw Bill Nye Was trending on twitter you could imagine why but we learned something new.When the 64 year old Scientist and TV personality Bill Nye The Science guy isn’t educating the world or advocating for human, world and animal rights he’s on the catwalk?

Okay he’s not normally on the Cat walk but it’s New York Fashion Week!!!Not only did he walk the Cat Walk but he STRUTTED down it in a designer blue jacket while “Juice” by Lizzo played!

We gotta admit it looked like he knew what he was doing to! The way he worked the crowd and the walk itself was Legen….wait for it DARY!!!!


In this day and age we sure are lucky that someone got it on video even luckier it went viral! You can see it for yourself below!

He was there for a very good reason, raising awareness for Prostate Cancer.

This isn’t out of the norm entirely for Bill Nye since his father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

“My dad had prostate cancer.” Bill Nye explained his connection and why he wanted to help

“Researchers are close to solving this problem. So if I can support this cause, it’s cool”

It wasn’t just Bill Nye either, he was joined by other fellow celebrities like actors Mario Cantone and Omar Sharif Jr., and New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabitha.

Now we know, Bill Nye is not only a scientific genius but he can also pop lock and drop it! We can’t wait to see which runway he takes on next and for which cause! Thank you Bill Nye for spreading awareness as you always have, through fun and love!

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