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Blake Shelton Quarantine Mullet Update 03-26-2020

Blake Shelton mullet
Blake Shelton shows off the start of his mullet on twitter!!!!

Blake Shelton promised fans that he would be growing out the mullet once again! When Blake first appeared on the scene he rocked his mullet! You can see his original hairstyle in his Some Beach music video seen below!


But the Blake as we know him today is a sharp, clean cut kinda guy especially dating the notorious Gwen Stefani. Being in quarantine due to Covid-19 we’ve all started to go a little stir crazy so why not pass the time by growing a brand new Mullet?!


Billy Ray Cyrus did say it best “I want my Mullet back!” but it looks like Blake Shelton is truly bringing it back!

The Singer and voice coach told the world last week he planned on bringing back his mullet and today he proved it! He posted on Twitter showing us he’s in the very early stages of growing it back and the love of his life is helping him do it!


Trust us when we say we plan on updating you with every Mullet Check in Blake and Gwen post!


Are you growing a mullet out with Blake Shelton? Send us your Mullet pics!