Bored North photobombs mom Kim Kardashian West during “stay at home” video

Bored North photobombs mom Kim Kardashian West during "stay at home" video

ABC/Kim Wilder(LOS ANGELES) — Yes, even Kim Kardashian isn’t immune to having her kids interrupt working from home. The reality star, entrepreneur and mom experienced what many parents have been of late, when North literally bounced in during a video call.

According to the video that was shared by California Governor Gavin Newsom, Kim was trying to shoot a video to encourage her fellow Californians to stay at home to staunch the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, but Kim apparently didn’t have a minute to herself. 

Perhaps demonstrating a genetic link to her dad Kanye West’s penchant for interrupting, while Kim spoke to the camera, North introduces herself off-camera.

Kim continues talking to the camera, when North and tells her mom, out of frame, “I went out.” 

Distracted, Kim replies, “You went outside in your backyard and that’s totally fine.”

Kim then tries to finish the video, but the image begins shaking. “Can you not jump on the bed?” the exasperated mom asks, adding, “Give me, like, two seconds to seriously do this!”

The video cuts, and ironically while Kim touts social distancing, North creeps up behind her while mom gamely tries to advise doing “mental health checks” on friends and loved ones. 

Not skipping a beat, North shouts, “You should be more busy [with] your kids, not your friends!”

Laughing, Kim replies, “Facts,” before adding, “Staying at home is saving lives, and that’s what we’re trying to do here. Stay safe!”

Last week, Kardashian West, 39, got interrupted by North while trying to shoot a makeup tutorial for fans, explaining she tried in vain to hide in a guest bathroom to do so.

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