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Brandon Welborn USMC

Veterans and service people make good employees because they are dedicated and know how to work hard. And they make good friends because they are committed and reliable. A P1 listener named Shelby Welborn wanted me to know that they make great spouses too and has asked me to salute her husband, Corporal Brandon Welborn. Brandon served in the Marine Corps from 2006 – 2010. He was a Heavy Equipment Mechanic in the Corps and he carried on that training and expertise after the Marines because he works for Caterpillar now. Shelby also tells me that her Marine is a great father. The couple have four kids together. He works long hours to support his family, but he always comes home in a good mood. He’s been through a lot but he always keeps a positive outlook. Shelby says she’s grateful for his service, even though she didn’t know him then. She finished by saying “Thank you for everything you do for me and for our kids. I cannot imagine a better partner in life.” For being an excellent Marine, Father and Husband, today we Salute Brandon Welborn of the United States Marine Corps.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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