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Captain Marvel or Captain Meh?

Marvel dropped the new trailer for Marvels: Captain Marvel! The story follows former earthling turned intergalactic warrior, Carol Danvers. With no memories of her time on Earth she has to figure out what’s happening and how to stop the world from being taken over by alien invaders. She’ll need help, and she’s got it. Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) will aid Captain Marvel but he looks a bit…younger. That’s because this movie takes place in the 90’s, before Cap was unfrozen, Tony became the Iron Man and Peter Parker dawned the tights.

Credit: YouTube


Not only will this be a Captain Marvel origin movie but it’ll be somewhat of a Nick Fury origin. Now that all seems exciting! Except something about it just seems really familiar. The trailer looks fun but at the same time it looks like another playing Marvel movie. Has the time finally come? Are comic book movies starting to get stale? Or do you think they’re hiding all the amazing stuff for the movie? All and all my tookus will be planted in  a movie theater seat to watch the first Marvel movie staring a solo female hero! Share your thoughts with us!


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