Dierks Bentley Has A Rough Time In New Video

Dierks Bentley dropped the music video for his new song “Gone” today.  It features parodies of The Office, Game of Thrones, MacGyver, and Full House. It just ends poorly for Dierks…

Nerds Of The Round Table Issue #2 Console Wars!

The Nerds have returned to the Roundtable! The subject today…CONSOLE WARS!!! Ryder and Shade welcome some new Nerds to the table! We learn what were the consoles that made us today and what console should you buy in the next great Console WARS?!

Nerds Of The Roundtable Issue #1 Podcast Begins!

The Nerds are prepped the Roundtable is cleared off from junk food and comic books…It’s time for the origin stories you never asked for! Get to know the hosts from the Nerds Of The Roundtable, Shade and Ryder as they venture off on their new journey!

Luke Combs and Wife Nicole Go Viral

Luke Combs and his wife Nicole played a relationship game that went viral on the app earlier this year during quarantine. You never know what to expect with a “celebrity”…

What’s in YOUR Wallet?

When BDub makes fun of how big your wallet is, find out a creative musical way to revel in it! I came in the other day and took my wallet…