Chris Hemsworth makes his fitness app free to help fans stay “healthy and strong” amid coronavirus

Chris Hemsworth makes his fitness app free to help fans stay "healthy and strong" amid coronavirus

Centr(NEW YORK) — The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has led to business closures the world over, and that includes your usual stress-buster, the gym. 

However, to help keep fans “healthy and strong” in this weird time of lock-outs, Chris Hemsworth is offering his fitness app Centr for free, for six weeks.

“Times like this where there’s a lot of uncertainty running through your head, a lot of a lot of questions, I find it’s even more important than usual to concentrate on your movement, your physical activity, your exercise, your nutrition, what you put in your body, what we eat, and also our mental fitness and mental game, you know, staying, staying positive,” Hemsworth said in an Instagram announcement

“On this app, there’s training experts, nutritional advice, chefs, meditation teachers, sleep visualizations — the three key ingredients, to living a healthier and happy life.” 

The app gives users access to workout and fitness regimens curated by Hemsworth and his wife, actress, fitness model and author Elsa Pataky, as well as Chris’ personal trainer, Luke Zocchi,.  There’s also nutrition info from the chefs that help keep Hemsworth in superhero shape. 

If you want to take advantage of the free trial, better do it now — the offer ends March 31.  You can sign up at

Hemsworth ended the message with, “Stay positive and we’ll talk to you soon!”

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