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Command Master Sergeant Bennie Adkins of the US Army

Today we salute an incredible soldier who fought through impossible odds for his nation but now faces a new battle. This soldier took the burden upon himself to save the lives of many of his fellow soldiers in a war that many thought was not their problem and now through a brutal twist of fate is struggling against an unseen and deadly enemy, the Covid-19 virus. Today we salute Command Master Sergeant Bennie Adkins of the United States Army Green Berets and Holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor. It is a sad irony when veterans of Vietnam who sacrificed so much of their youth for the nation have become among the most vulnerable. Benny Adkins served 22 years in the Army including several tours in Vietnam. On March 09 – 12th of 1966 Adkins fought insurmountable odds, repeatedly risking his own life to save those around him and hold off enemy forces said to outnumber Americans 10 to 1. Sergeant Major Adkins’ exploits during the battle are well known and led to his receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor for the lives he saved without regard for his own safety. Adkins received 18 separate injuries during a 38 hour battle followed by a 48 hour escape and evasion. The Green Berets with Adkins that day fought until the last round of ammunition ran out before digging their way out of their bunker and escaping under heavy fire. The grit, determination, and sacrifice shown by soldiers like Adkins should inspire each of us to do our part to save American lives. And each of us should pray for his battle with this virus. And that is why, today we salute Command Sergeant Major Bennie Adkins of the United States Army Green Berets, holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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