Flirting Is CONFUSING After Tinder. Combined w/Seattle FREEZE Culture, It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Navigate. NEW Podcast, We’re So Extra [LISTEN]

It feels like EVERONE has a podcast. (I officially am 1/2 of 2, now…)

YOU could be one of the first to listen to my friend Leslie and I talk about EVERYTHING and NOTHING.

This week, we talk about how I can’t tell when someone is just being nice or flirting. In our current culture, I feel like it’s becoming REALLY difficult to navigate. I mean, it’s a little crazy that we live in a time when it’s acceptable for strangers to message each other on Tinder and jump RIGHT into intimacy. How does that change the dynamics of meeting in person? Even just a few years ago, telling someone you just met that they’re attractive was flirting…Right? Is it JUST common conversation now? It’s unclear…considering compliments pale in comparison to the messages you might text a stranger on an app. Part of me is glad I’m NOT single, but it’s still REALLY confusing. LOL

Leslie brings us along for her girl-talk sessions at a sorority reunion. You’d THINK we (as 30+ somethings) know everything about our own bodies, but shockingly she had some revelations! It’s remarkable how little the average person talks about the natural things that happen to our own bodies. Whether it’s age-related or post-pregnancy, Leslie and I talk about EVERYTHING she learned from her friends. Let me know if YOU already knew about some of the less than exciting things that we, women, experience…OR if you are surprised, at times, about what you DIDN’T know!

Thanks, in advance, for taking us for a spin. We’ll have new content every TUESDAY. Feel free to pop in and listen to our actual conversations anytime! 😉

New Kids On The Block, Dogs, Love, Life, Career, Friends and anything women chat are what you can expect to hear.



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