Get your NEON BULL on to win!

Whether you make it your self or get one from us, make sure YOU wear your NEON BULL SHIRT to every concert The Bull joins you at for your chance to get exclusive ticket upgrades and backstage passes!

When you’ve got your Neon Bull Shirt on, we’ll come looking for you! If you get tagged by one of our Bull Riders, you win!

Can’t wait to get your hands on one from us? You can make your own  in three easy steps!

  1. Find a neon colored shirt (any color as long as its NEON and BRIGHT!)
  2. Make sure you deck it out in the New Country 98.9 The Bull LOGO (Click here to download it to your computer in black!)
  3. Wear it to every concert and wait for the Bull Riders to find you and tag you!

*While supplies last.

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