Nominate a Community Hero to win $100 from Bickford Ford!

Bickford Ford and New Country 98.9 The Bull understand that sometimes it takes a village.  That’s why we are urging you to nominate a Community Hero to win $100 us!

Once a month, Fitz in the Morning will announce the Bickford Ford Community Hero of the month, so make sure you come back and find out who won and how they’ve helped their community!

Congratulations to Brenda our September Bickford Ford Community Hero!  Brenda is a friend to all. She volunteers for numerous community events and is a candy striper at the hospital, dressing up for all holidays to bring cheer to the cancer patients and others. She also hosts an annual Pearls for My Girls auction raising money for the cancer unit at Peacehealth United. This was all due to a friend of hers that passes from cancer and she wanted to do something for the family to honor her friend and give back and help others. Brenda is always helping others whether it is taking an elderly person with no family to an appointment, or shopping, etc. If someone is in need she is going to find a way to help them, asking or taking nothing for her good deeds. She always has a smile on her face and bringing cheer to all!

Check out our other winners here:

Jadon: From pulling extra shifts to being a resident in-house volunteer firefighter, Jadon goes above and beyond for his community. He’s always makes sure there is someone at the station 24/7 to respond to the call of duty. Jadon is also studying to become a wild land firefighter, as well as, expanding his volunteer career. If the City of Buckley ever needs a helping hand Jadon is the first to reach out and help!

Jim: Jim runs a local food and clothing bank outside of his home, he works with the youth a lot and teaches them life skills and takes them camping. He is a counselor as well, so he is great with his job and is a great a role model for local youth to look up to. This is just a few of the things that he does for his community!

Morgan: Morgan began her career in community service at age 14 as a fire explorer. After graduating from high school, Morgan participated in the Disney College Program in Disney World, Florida. She is currently a volunteer firefighter with Mountain View Fire in Auburn, WA and an Emergency Room Technician at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup. Morgan just graduated from Paramedic school at Tacoma Community College and while in school, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Morgan has been a volunteer instructor with Camp Blaze, Fire Camp for Girls, Los Angeles Fire Department Girls Camp and Capital Metro Fire Girls Camp. Many times Morgan will go from a 12 hour hospital shift, to an overnight shift at the Fire Department and return to the Emergency Department, for another 12 hour shift. Morgan has truly dedicated her life not only in service of others but trying to set a strong example to other young women and encourage them to be their best.

Sarah: Sarah provides housing, counseling, and more to women in need at Lighthouse Family Ministries Northwest. Through her work at Lighthouse NW she helps provide intentional communities for families, giving them the time, space, resources and support necessary to heal, begin life again, transform and transition to permanent housing along with awareness and action for women who have or are experiencing domestic violence.

Ashleigh: Not only is Ashleigh a mother of two but she is also a school nurse and ER nurse.  Her husband, James, is in the military and while he is away serving our country, Ashleigh balances work, life and family which is not an easy task!

Ronnie: Ronnie has worked for the Muckleshoot Tribal School in Auburn as their Student Attendance Coordinator for approximately 1 year. He goes above and beyond every day to make sure all of the students are attending school. If a student misses the bus or does not have a way to get to school, he will go pick them up and drive them to school! Ronnie also volunteers his time to coach wrestling to the middle and high school students at Muckleshoot Tribal School as well organizing shoe drives and delivering the shoes to Yakima for their tribal members in need. Ronnie sure does deserve to be recognized as a Bickford Ford Community Hero!! Thank you Ronnie for dedicating so much of your time to give back to your community!!

Jade:  Jade and her wife, Chef T, are the owners of The Quarters, a restaurant in Auburn where they not only serve up DELICIOUS food but also serve their community by providing meals for those in need.  Even though Jade herself is battling cancer, this past Thanksgiving they opened up their restaurant to those who needed a warm meal and continue to serve their community daily by offering meals to those in need. Thank you Jade for going above and beyond for your community!

Jess: Jess is the Offensive Line Coach for the Cascade High School football team. Coach Tate’s impact on the team goes beyond the field. He has a natural ability to connect on a personal level with each player. Earlier in the season, on senior night, senior players had the opportunity to share their favorite memory of the football program and more than half of the players included Coach Tate in their favorite football memory.  He and his wife, Patty, began providing dinner for the O-line so they could spend additional time with Coach reviewing film.  Over concerned that some players were not eating before games, Coach Tate asked his wife to expand the meals. This season, Coach Tate & Mrs.Tate have put on Spaghetti feeds and other meals for the players before every game!  It is so important that our youth has strong role-models in their lives and Coach Tate does an outstanding job being their for his team.

Brittney: Brittney is the Executive Director of Operation Ward 57, a non-profit serving wounded, ill and injured Veterans and their families. She is constantly volunteering her time to help these deserving men and women by providing grants, morale boosting events, organizing Adopt-A-Family at Christmas and helping them move if they need an extra hand. In addition, she works full time at the Seattle VA (and has for close to 19 years). She gives so much of herself for others and that is why she is this months Bickford Ford Community Hero!

Ruth: Ruth is an amazing woman who is dedicated to serving her community.  She goes above and beyond to get things done, has passion and is an inspiration to the youth, even the adults in her little community. She tends to the youth in the community by volunteering her time to keep them busy and out of trouble at youth groups and LifeTrek.  She is the Youth Program Coordinator at Volunteers of America Western Washington and the Sky Valley Youth Coalition. She was recently on King 5 news with her teens to talk about the food pantries that they installed at Sultan Middle School and High School, where more than half the students receive free or reduced-price lunches. These are just a few of the MANY things that Ruth does for her community!

John: John is an amazing father who has served our country for over 20 years and continues to serve in our army.  He has been deployed many times throughout his career and throughout it all always puts his family first, creating a better life for them and making them proud. John Black is an American Hero and we are so thankful for his serve.

Luis: Dr. Luis Acevedo is an AWESOME Spanish speaking Dentist that works in Public Health at the Sea Mar Dental clinic in Monroe. He triple books himself to accommodate the needs of the community members, he frequently works through his lunch to make sure he maximizes each visit…to save smiles.  Dr. Acevedo utilizes his bi-lingual skills to improve access to dental care. Each patient is given his undivided attention and his work is stunning! He also volunteers to work on MTI Dental Vans to provide MUCH needed care to farm-workers.  He continues to be humble, compassionate and personable….improving lives and smiles EVERY DAY.

Leann: Leann has the big heart and uses it to better her community!  Currently, Leann is working on starting a non-profit community center that would offer food, housing, clothing, transportation, education, counseling, and more to people in need.  We are so grateful that there are people like her in the world!

Rachel: This story starts many moons ago when a shy foster kid was placed in Rachel’s 8th grade English class.  Rachel was aware that the student was new to the school and quickly learned that she spent most of her life bouncing around from new home to new home.  The following year, Rachel decided to adopt the student and become her mother.  To this day, she continues to work within the school system and is an amazing advocate and voice for those who may have lost their own.

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