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Countdown to Viadoom! (doom…doom…doom)

Yep – we are just ONE day away from the permanent closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct on Friday January 11th at 10pm to make way for the new State Route 99 Tunnel which will open in February.

That means at least 3 weeks with no thru-way, other than I-5, into downtown Seattle

If you’ve been kind of ignoring this story ‘cuz you figure you don’t drive that way, think again.  Closures like this have a way of rippling through the traffic patterns in all directions,  even potentially across Lake Washington!

The Washington State has DOT has tons of advice on alternate routes and alternate methods of transportation such as  – gasp! Rideshare!    and – eek!  Public Transportation!

Whatever you choose – even if it’s just leaving earlier – please think about it now and not on, you know, Monday January 14th at 6am!

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