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Dade Newell Jr. of the USMC

Pride in military service runs deep in many families. Sometimes that pride runs right through a particular branch of the military. Today I would like to salute a Marine who is the latest in a LONG line of Marines. Today we are Saluting Lance Corporal Dade Newell Jr. of the United States Marine Corps. Dade Newell Sr. actually wrote me a few months ago, not to tell me all about his son, but to ask if I knew if a certain artist had any plans to join a USO tour in Okinawa, Japan. His son Dade Jr. is stationed there, and this artist is his favorite. Lance Corporal Newell is an “I” Level Airframes mechanic. He’s actually stationed in Iwakuni, Japan and this is his first permanent duty station after he completed his training stateside. Dad says he wishes his son could have stationed somewhere closer to home for his first duty, but he absolutely understands the need to go where the Corps needs you. Dade Newell Sr. understands the Corps because he was ALSO a Marine, who ALSO served in the Air Wing.  And what’s even cooler than that is that his father was ALSO a Marine, and he ALSO served in the Air Wing. That makes Lance Corporal Dade Newell Jr. the third generation of Father-Son Air Wing Marines: a really strong family tradition of service. For continuing the family service, and for keeping those aircraft in the sky to protect us, today we salute Lance Corporal Dade Newell Jr. of the United States Marine Corps. 

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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