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Daniel Langhorne of the US Navy

A lot can be said about opportunity while serving in this nation’s military. Some join for pride and tradition, while some join our services for the job training opportunities and educational opportunities. Something that almost everyone gets in the Navy is the opportunity to see the world. Today we salute Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Daniel Langhorne of Auburn, Washington. This local boy is out on the high seas right now, serving on the Arleigh Burke-Class Guided-Missile Destroyer USS Milius. HM1 Langhorne serves as a Corpsman and a safety officer on the destroyer, which is part of Destroyer Squadron 15 in the Indio-Pacific region. Destroyer Squadron 15 is the largest forward-deployed Destroyer Squadron in the Navy, and it’s the 7th Fleet’s principal surface force. He’s a long way from Auburn out there on the other side of the world, and he probably feels like a whole different person from who he was before starting his adventure in the Navy. For his part in keeping our Sailors safe, and keeping our nation secure, today we salute: Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Daniel Langhorne of the United States Navy.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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