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Disney+ Announces Start Date and Price!

Disney announced that they would be putting out a streaming service that would change the way you watch Disney content. Now this could mean a plethora of things. But of course leave it to Disney to blow everyone’s minds in the wee hours of the morning. news came today that their streaming service would start November 12th of 2019 and the starting price is only 6.99 a month. You may be asking yourself “Why would I subscribe to that when I already have Hulu and Netflix? Well unlike Netflix and Hulu this streaming site will feature only Disney films, T.V and new original content!


Not only is Disney lining up new content for their streaming service featuring new shows for original Disney characters but they’re also releasing show’s based around characters from the Marvel, Star wars, and Pixar movies! With the new Fox buy out it’ll also feature…wait for it… The Simpsons!!!!

Still not sold? How about the fact that the Disney Vault with all of the classic movies will also be up for streaming? That’s right, you no longer have to wait for them to crack open the vault so you can buy your favorite movie that you haven’t been able to watch in years! You can now open up the Disney Streaming app and start watching all the classics like The Aristocrats, The Lion King, Herbie the love bug and all the old time favorites you grew up on!


They’ve made it even easier to share the movies and T.V you loved as a kid with you kids today! Show them why Tail spin is not just a classic but of the best shows Disney has done! Want to have a real throw back? You’ll be able to watch classic films Walt Disney made himself!

Want to get a look at the site before it launches? ABC action News gave us a small peek along with the start date and price!

I’m not saying you have to buy the Disney Streaming service but something tells me if you do…you won’t regret it!


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