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Dolly Parton Leaves It All On The Stage At The Grammys!

It’s been 18 years since Dolly Parton set foot on the Grammy Stage but that all changed Sunday when she took the stage for a tribute to her career. Dolly changed a lot of people’s lives with her music whether she was putting a smile on your face, making you dance or cry she made you FEEL. That showed Sunday!   Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves took the stage first and then Dolly joined them. The crowd went crazy in a mixture of laughter, joy and even some tears as Dolly sang.

Dolly showed us that even at 73 she’s still got it and then some, hitting every high note and holding her own with every artist that walked out on that stage. It was truly a sight to see, but if you missed it don’t fret! You can watch the video by using the link below!

Dolly Parton Medley: Live at Grammys


Dolly also accepted the MusiCares Person Of The Year Award with grace and a lot of wise cracks! Every time she steps up to the microphone she’s either going to make you feel everything in the book or laugh at her home spun wisdom, and, um interesting views on herself. Yeah we’ll go with that.

You can watch her acceptance speech below!

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