Dragonfly Cinema [Port Orchard]

One of my favorite parts about living in the PNW is DISCOVERING new loves. Whether it’s an outdoor adventure or a gem of a small business, I’m grateful to live an an area rich with possibility! I moved to Seattle 6 years ago and I have 2 lists: Places I’ve been & Places I want to check out!

Christmas Eve/Day and NYE/Day I spent “adventuring!”

If you live in Port Orchard, you know Dragonfly Cinema is a magical movie spot. I’d never been, and was THRILLED to see they were still playing “Beautiful Boy” (I LOVE movies, so I often don’t get to see everything I’d like in theaters before they’re gone. I’ll always go a bit out of my way to a theater playing a movie I missed elsewhere.)

Vibes galore. The place has a soul no amount of modern-upgrades can buy. Every detail is unique and deliberate, from the art on the walls to personal touches in the rest rooms. (Just like a home!) Plus, TONS of leg-room in small/intimate theater spaces. As a Horror/Thriller fan-girl, I can’t wait to go back.



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