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Eddie May Have Gotten Scammed at Gas Station

Thursday live show (July 21)

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Posted by Bobby Bones Show on Thursday, July 21, 2022

Eddie went to the gas station yesterday and it’s possible he got scammed.

He saw a woman drive up, walk inside the gas station and then walk out. She came up to him with $40 in cash and said the gas station wasn’t accepting cash. She wanted to know if she could use his card to put gas in her car, and she would give him her $40. He ran all the different scenarios through his head and didn’t think he was possibly being scammed.

So Eddie allowed her to use his card, but made sure she didn’t go over the $40. He got her $40 cash and thought everything was fine. However, he brought it up on The Bobby Bones Show today (July 21) and the show did some research to find out if it was legit. It’s possible Eddie was actually scammed by a skimmer situation. Listeners called in to say that the cash she gave him could be counterfeit. So now Eddie is questioning the situation and very nervous about what’s going to happen with his credit card.

He tried calling the gas station while the show was live to see if he could verify that they weren’t accepting cash yesterday. However, the gas station has not answered.