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Eddie & Raymundo Both Submit Jingles For Morgan & Morgan Contest

John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan came on the show a few weeks back and was talking about his law firm’s jingle contest. The contest was looking for a new jingle for their firm and whoever submits and wins the contest will also get $100,000.

During Morgan’s interview, Eddie shared a jingle that he and artist Brandon Ray did together. The two of them had put together a jingle for Whozeewhatzit and unfortunately didn’t win with that collaboration. So they took another shot at a jingle for the Morgan & Morgan’s contest. While Morgan was on the phone, he said it sounded really good and made sure Eddie submitted it.

Now there is more competition for the Morgan & Morgan jingle contest coming from The Bobby Bones Show studio. Raymundo tried his hand at songwriting and singing on a song with his friend Eric Dodd. Together they released a fun song called “Baecation.” So they decided to get together again to write a jingle for the contest along with Forrest Finn, and Stephen Hunley. The four of them worked together to put together a jingle which Raymundo shared via his social media.