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Eddie Shocked Studio With How He Disciplines His Kids

A listener called into The Bobby Bones Show to ask Eddie a parenting question.

Eddie and his wife adopted two of their children last year, and they have two biological children. The listener wanted to know if they disciplined the children differently. Eddie shared that with his biological children, they’ve always used “poppings” as discipline. When they would need to be disciplined while having the foster kids, they would take them to another room. However, now that their foster kids are officially theirs, they’re moving to make discipline the same for all of the children. Eddie uses a paddle that’s the size of his forearm, and added that it’s not very hard poppings as not to hurt them.

The most shocking revelation during the conversation though was that Eddie admitted he still uses “poppings” on his 14-year-old. He said that son is the one that needs them the most, but the rest of the studio was shocked Eddie still uses that discipline on his oldest child.