The BobbyCast

#265 – Remembering Eddie Van Halen with Steve Gorman (Black Crowes/Trigger Hippy) + Alan Jackson Passed On Zac Brown Band’s ‘Chicken Fried’ + Kassi Ashton on Her New Song and Getting 3 Million Views on TikTok

Bobby talks with Steve Gorman (former Drummer for The Black Crowes) about the legacy that Eddie Van Halen has left behind after passing away this week. They also talk about this history of The Black Crowes and if there’s any bad blood now. Bobby and Eddie’s Music School looks into No. 1 songs written by Chris Stapleton for other artists and the song Alan Jackson almost recorded that went on to be a massive hit. Bobby talks to Kassi Ashton about her new song “Black Motorcycle”, DIY Projects and her viral TikTok.

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