The BobbyCast

#279 – Bobby Lets Eddie Pick 5 CDs for his Jukebox + Nikita Karmen on Her New Album and Moving from Australia to the US + Matty in the Morning on 40 Years in Radio

Bobby just got his Jukebox working in his house and is filling it with 100 CDs. He brings on Eddie to pick 5 albums that will go into the slots. Bobby talks to new artist Nikita Karmen who just released her debut album “The Garden”. They talk about meeting over Skype, her moving the United States from Australia and the song she wrote that made her cry on her new album. Bobby talks to Matty in the Morning who has been in the air in Boston for 40 years! They talk about what it was like starting out in radio in the 80’s, celebs he had in the studio from Oprah to Tom Hanks… and also the one celebrity who wasn’t so nice.

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