The BobbyCast

#288 – Jordan Davis (In-Studio) On Not Wanting His Beard To Define Him + How Much Hannah Brown Charged To Be In His Music Video + Bru on The Radio on 3 Million TikTok Followers and How Much He Made From 1 Video!

Jordan Davis stops by the house to talk about his new single “Almost Maybe” that just cracked the Top 20. He talks about shaving his beard for the music video and how much Hannah Brown (From the Bachelorette) cost to be in the music video. He also talks about his wife who is an attorney and how the cool gift Old Dominion gave him. Bobby talks to @BruOnTheRadio who has amassed 3 million followers on TikTok by saying crazy things on the radio. He talks about getting a new radio job in LA and what he future holds on TikTok.

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