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#318 – Mackenzie Porter on Balancing being an Actor and Musician + How her duet with Dustin Lynch “Thinking 'Bout You" Came To Be + She Auditioned for Schitt’s Creek With Dan Levy + Have 3 Back to Back No. 1’s in Canada

Mackenzie Porter was the first female to have three back to back number #1’s at Canadian Country radio since Shania Twain and was the #1 Most Played Canadian Country Artist of 2020. As an actress, She starred in all three seasons of the sci-fi thriller Travelers on Netflix. She and Bobby talk about how it’s been for her to go from her fame in Canada to releasing music in the US. Bobby and Macenzie talk about how she found out she was going to be on Dustin Lynch’s duet after he followed her on Instagram. She also talks about how she once auditioned for Schitt’s Creek and what it was like working with Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) on their Netflix show.  

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