The BobbyCast

#319 – Reba McEntire on The Untold Story of “Fancy” + Her New Duet with Dolly Parton + Addressed Her Biggest Urban Legends + The First Time She Realized She Was Famous + Going Grocery Shopping By Herself

Bobby sits down with the legend herself, Reba McEntire. They talk about it all! Reba shares stories behind her new project Revived Remixed Revisited including a new version of “Does He Love You” with Dolly Parton. She talks about the time she made her Opry debut and had her set cut short because of Dolly. She addressed all the biggest Urban Legends about her turning down role in Titanic, and if Faith Hill really didn’t get the part as her backup singer. She also talks about where her love of corn dogs came from, how she goes grocery shopping and to Starbucks by herself and the first time she realized she was famous!
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