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#340 – 4 Things With Amy's Psychic Cousin: The Gift of Time. Hospice Care. Numerology & Amy's Birthday. Sending Love to Haiti.

Amy brought her cousin, Amanda Rieger Green, on for a special birthday episode since Amy turns 41 tomorrow on 3-18 {these numbers have meaning and Amanda breaks it all down for us, as she uses her abilities as a numerologist and astrologer alongside her precognitive & intuitive gifts with clients.} Amanda is also known as “Amy’s Psychic Cousin” on the Bobby Bones Show, so some of you might already be familiar with her. Before they get into numerology & Amy’s birthday, they talk about ‘THE GIFT OF TIME’ and what that means for them as Amanda’s mom has just entered the hospice phase of her cancer journey. Making space for others and others making space for you is so important! You also need to make sure you’re making space for yourself {it’s okay to focus on you – which is exactly why Amy’s going away alone for her birthday weekend!!!} They wrap up their conversation talking about Amy’s birthday wish of sending some love to the orphanage in Haiti where her kids lived for many years. Some concerns have popped up this month regarding security, water, education and certain needs for a few of the kids needs {i.e. new wheelchairs}, so all #PIMPINJOY items and all ESPWA + 4 THINGS items are supporting this effort…all proceeds…per usual! will take you to all the items supporting the orphanage! 

Amanda’s Instagram: @soulpathology

Amanda’s bio: 
Amanda Rieger Green is the founder of Soul Pathology, a self-actualization method focusing on the assessment of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual immune systems and their viability and cohesiveness. 
She is a world-renowned psychic, precognitive and consultant to everyday individuals, organizations, executives, officials, communities, and institutions looking to practice a more conscious way of leading and creating results. 
While she holds both a B.A. in Religion and a Master of Public Health with dual concentrations in Health Law, Bioethics and Human Rights and Health Services, and successfully climbed the ranks in organizational and business development as a healthcare executive, her greatest gift of service is helping individuals and organizations alike access their innate potential and abilities through her unprecedented and internationally recognized expertise as a precognitive and psychic medium.
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