The BobbyCast

#340 – Billy Ray Cyrus on His New Song with Snoop Dogg + The Day He Got Clean + The Best Advice He Got From Dolly Parton and His Father + The Moment He Knew ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ Was a Hit!

Billy Ray Cyrus demands your attention when he walks into the room. We were so excited to have him by this week to talk about his new song he released with Snoop Dogg and the amazing story behind it. Bobby and Billy Ray talk about how he burst onto the scene with Achy Breaky Heart. But before that how times had to get really dark before he could find his path. Billy Ray also came bearing his left-handed guitar and weaved songs throughout the stories from his life that made for a truly unique experience. Billy Ray also talks about the best advice he was given by Dolly Parton and the moment he decided to get sober. 

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