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4 Things With Lacey Johnson: A Near-Death Experience. Healing the Past & Reclaiming Your Life. Social Media Boundaries. Gratitude.

Lacey Johnson {@thelaceyjohnson} is a multi-passionate, award-winning essayist and magazine journalist who sparks conversations that unlock hearts, energize minds and celebrate the human experience. Amy first met Lacey when she was given the assignment to write an article about Amy for Brentwood & Belle Meade Lifestyle Magazines and during their chat for that, Amy realized that she wanted to have Lacey on the podcast! With a deep love and intrigue for human beings, and a passion for comfort and truth, she calls upon her vault of personal experiences in the realms of trauma, grief, and resilience to open doorways of epiphany, power and possibility. Lacey came on to talk about her recently released workbook, Radical Life Renovation: A Guided Program to Heal the Past, Reclaim Your Power & Build a Future You Love, which can be found HERE!


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