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#345 – 5th Thing: Inviting Childlike Play Into Your Life. It’s Cool To Enjoy Living (Stop Saying “Act Your Age”). Eggrolls, Cake & Cat Food. Concrete Conversation Cards (Random Questions That Lead to Conversations That Matter).

Welcome to the ‘5th Thing’ with Amy & Kat!! Today’s quote is from Mark Twain: “Most men die at 27, we just bury them at 72.” This led to a conversation about spontaneously being a kid & being told to “act your age” (Kat shared a post that she put up about this and it hit the spot!) Amy then read a nice email from a listener named Blakely that had a request for when Amy interviews Shauna Niequist (Amy shared that she will be granting this listener her wish!!). Other things that came up this episode: $17 egg rolls, a super crazy birthday cake (that Amy doesn’t want to make, but she might have to if she wants to make her daughter happy for her bday), the time Amy’s sister made her act like a cat (and eat cat food), Amy’s sister’s HGTV show premieres Sunday, April 10th, & some fun ‘Concrete Conversation’ card questions!!

Thank you licensed therapist, Kat Defatta, for joining us with her wisdom. You can find her on Instagram: @Kat.Defatta + @YouNeedTherapyPodcast.

Concrete Conversations: 


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