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#345 – Breland on His First No. 1 'Beers on Me' + Going Viral with ‘My Truck’ After a Producer Told Him He’d Didn’t Have What It Takes To Be An Artist  + His Mission To Make Country Music More Inclusive

Breland went viral in 2019 on TikTok with his song “My Truck” but his journey in music started 10 years before that. Breland sits down with Bobby to talk about how he went from studying business at Georgetown University to moving to Atlanta working as a producer with the vision of becoming an artist. Breland talks about not being taken seriously by the producer he was working with which lead to him taking trips to Nashville and getting cuts with major artists like Keith Urban and Sam Hunt. Breland shares with Bobby his vision and mission to make country music more inclusive and his response to when people question what he is doing is country or not.  His debut album, Cross Country, is set to release early summer.

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