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4 Things With @Mosheh: Want An Easy Way to Stay In the Know Without Watching the News or Getting On Socials? Amy Has 4 Reasons Why You Need Mosheh’s Newsletter In Your Life!!

Amy’s favorite way to get news is through Mosheh Oinounou {@Mosheh} so she is very excited that he now has an email newsletter called: Mo News Newsletter!!! It arrives in her inbox a few times a week to help her “stay in the know” with what is going on in the world. Amy shared her favorite 4 things about Mo News Newsletter: 1. He is the best person to follow on Instagram for news…but getting the news in email form helps for the days that Amy is trying to take a break from Instagram/social media. 2. Mosheh has always given us the news in a digestible way & his newsletter is no different! 3. He mixes in pop culture…which is a nice break from the heavier stuff! 4. His Friday newsletters include: what he’s watching, reading & eating. Amy has found good shows to watch, articles to read, and snacks to buy at the grocery store because of this fun little addition to the newsletter! They wrapped up this conversation with gratitude & Mosheh shared 4 things he is currently thankful for! 


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