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#359 – Jonathan Singleton on Writing ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ and Starting A Publishing Company with Luke Combs  + His Guitar Heroes and How he ‘Insults’ Vince Gill + His Punk Covers of Country Songs

Jonathan Singleton is one of the funniest guys in country music. He is a Grammy nominated songwriter, singer, musician, producer and businessman. He has written 13 #1’s and many more top 10 hits including: Beer Never Broke My Heart, Die From A Broken Heart, I Hope You’re Happy Now, Same Boat, Things a Man Oughta Know and many more! He talks about his songwriting process, how he and Luke Combs met and started a business together and what he likes to do outside of country music to fuel his creative/comedic mind. He and Bobby workshop some ideas for comedy songs and listen to his punk covers of country songs that either he or his friends have written. 

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