The BobbyCast

#362 – Rod Phillips Head of iHeartCountry + How A Song Gets on the Radio! + The Role He Played Getting Bobby to Nashville + Why You Hear ‘the Same 3 Songs’ on The Radio

Ever wonder how radio works? Then this is the episode for you! Rod Phillips is the head of iHeart Country. More specifically he is the EVP of Programming at iHeartCountry which means he oversees what songs get played on the radio all over the US. Rod also played a big role in getting the Bobby Bones Show to Nashville. Bobby and Rod talk about how their relationship started over a decade ago, how Rod accidentally got into radio and what his job duties include on a daily basis. Rod breaks down how a song gets on the radio and the role an artist’s record label has in the process. Bobby and Rod also discuss how new artists get featured on iHeartCountry stations and what the future of radio looks like. 

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