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#363 – Crook and Chase on 40 Years in TV and Radio + Shopping for Hairspray with Johnny Cash + Why Shania Twain Shared a Wedding That Photo Was Cut in Half + 14 Year Old Taylor Swift Randomly Showing Up to Their Studio

Bobby sits down with the legends Crook & Chase who just entered the 40th year as a broadcast team. They started in television syndication in 1983, then added national radio in 1989. They’ve been on tv and/or radio non-stop for 40 years and are the longest running broadcast duo in the nation. They share fascinating stories of country artists they’ve interviewed and hung out with over the years including: hair spray shopping with Johnny Cash, going over to Hank William Jr.’s House, a young Taylor Swift randomly showing up to their studio and having Shania Twain on their show before she got married and became an international star!

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